Fazit der WHITE NOISE Walpurgisnacht

Die vergangene Walpurgisnacht hat WHITE NOISE einen Schub verpasst und uns mit dem Konzept wieder versöhnt. Die etwas schwächere Herbstveranstaltung zuletzt hat, bedingt durch meine selbstkritische Betrachtungsweise etwas zweifeln lassen. Aber wie es scheint lag das damals doch an der kurzfristigen Umdisponierung auf einen Freitag. Der tolle Zuspruch jetzt bringt die Energie für eine zweite WHITE NOISE in unserem etwas ruhigeren zweiten Halbjahr – im Idealfall an einem neuen noch zu entdeckenden Ort.

Playlist WHITE NOISE Walpurgisnacht 2017 im Kafe Kult

DJ Ayli:
Klez.E  – Flammen    
The Cure – Other Voices
Ortrotasce  – Rare Words
Light Asylum – Skull Fuct
Tempers  – Strange Harvest
Hante. –  Hate vs Love
TR/ST –  Sulk
Geometric Vision – Skies
Hysterica Passio – Grey Over Life
She Past Away – Sanrı
Fufanu – Liability
The KVB – White Walls
DeathDay – After Dark

DJ Marc
Screen Vinyl Image – Great Beyond
Black Arcade – Kissed To Kill
Paradox Obscur – Ανδρείκελα
Vorderhaus – Venus in Retrograde
Cold Grey Rain – Scars Of Time
ONO Scream – I’m the Hollow Man
Weekend – Mirror
Ride – Polar Bear
Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation – Dunes
Camera – Ausland
White Night Ghosts – Fake
Crystal Castles – Plague
H   ø   R   D  – Skin Tense

DJ Ayli
Police Des Moeurs – Ce qui sent la mort, je l’oublie dans ton coeur    
Nightmare Fortress – No Exit
Kontakte – Superbug
Cold Cave – People Are Poison
The Jesus And Mary Chain – All Things Pass
A Place to Bury Strangers – Keep Slipping Away
Holygram – Still There
Ortrotasce – Day To Day
Phosphor – One Night In Rome
Paradise Range – Raw Deal ’82

DJ Marc
Stockhaussen (ft. K Batok) – Void
Second Still – Try not to hide
Sextile – Visions of you
The Underground Youth – Alice
Faith & The Muse – Shattered in Aspect
For Against – Fate
Slowdive – Star Roving
Strange Harvest – Colonies
Sixth June – Knife in the water
White Water – Six Years
Whispering Sons – Wall
Blousse – Time Travel
The Jesus & Mary Chain – April Skies
Ceremony – Cold Cold Night
Manon Meurt – To Forget

DJ Ayli
Soft Kill – From This Point On
The Oscillation – No Place To Go
Moon Duo – Cross-Town Fade
Depeche Mode – So Much Love
She Pats Away – Rituel
Dragons – Condition
Joy Division – Digital
Contre Jour – PARIS 2052
People Of Nothing – Unforgettable

DJ Marc
Death Of Lovers – Cold Heaven
White Night Ghosts – Decadence
The Virgin Tongues – Six Feet Underground
Bleib Modern – Self-Loathing
Soft Kill – Hit the floor
Skywave – Over and over
Spiritualized – Walking with Jesus (live)
The Cure – Primary
The Prids – Contact
Low Sunday Ghost Machine – So far away

DJ Ayli
Paper – Ears keep ringing
Soviet Soviet – Ecstasy
The Raveonettes – Sisters
Ceremony – Without Your Love
The Jesus and Mary Chain – The Living End

DJ Marc
My Bloody Valentine – Sometimes
The Chameleons – Up the down escalator
B.F.G. – Western Sky

DJ Ayli
Lust For Youth – New Boys
Music For Pleasure – The Human Factor (Single A Side, 1980)

DJ Marc
Grinderman – No Pussy Blues
Spacemen 3 – Revolution

DJ Ayli
Wipers – When it’s Over
VvvV – Monster

DJ Marc
Slowdive – Machine Gun
Cigarettes After Sex – Apokalypse

DJ Ayli
Lush – Light From A Dead Star
Days Of Sorrow – Wild World #2

DJ Marc
Alive She Dies – The First Night
Suicide – Shadazz
Inspiral Carpets – This is how it feels