White Noise

Coldgaze | Postpunk | Ghostwave

Here ☨oday Zola & the 5iamese ♊wins watch the ℧nseen Footage From ▲ Forthcoming Fvneral. ☨ime Machine has taken them In ▲ Ðifferent Place above the ☨ropic Ωf Cancer. ▲ Ceremony with White Ring, Red Flags & Long Nights will ☨rip them ℧p. X-♏al Be Forest – Be Wierd. ☨he Ωwls are not what they seem. ℞emembrance Ðay at Chvrches of Black Marble where they Bvry 5trangers or 5uicide. ☨he Ðe▲Ð Ðisco Ðancer feels ▲Ðarkness In his soul. Isolation and Haze in a Black Leather Jacket. ☨he House Ωf Love is 5mashed ☨o Pieces In ☨he 5till Ωf ☨he Night Esben brings the ▲men Yves. Exitmusic.
WHITE NOISE is a clubnight for Coldgaze, modern Postpunk, Ghost- & Cold Wave with lots of fog and strobe light. Only from time to time in the Munich region with Guest DJs and sometimes Live-Acts.


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DJ Resident

Marc Zimmermann

Guest DJs

Ayli | Dave Exil | Reptile | Mike Twin

Live Bands

Box and the Twins | Undertheskin | Paar | Blue Haze | The Foreign Resorts | Veil of Light | Adam Usi | Shonwald | XTR Human | Be Forest


Kafe Kult | Milla | Post Kaserne | Praterinsel | Sunny Red

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