daydream vom 01.05.2004

vorgestellter longplayer:
ai phoenix: the driver is dead (glitterhouse)
monster moviedreamend (split-ep): beautiful arctic star/ellipsis (clairecords)


naked lunch / the deal / the deal (cds)
the hidden cameras / music is my boyfriend / play the cbc sessions (10″)
ai phoenix / snow & light / the driver is dead
ai phoenix / we think you are very brave / the driver is dead
piano magic / saint marie / the troubled sleep of piano magic
the jasmine minks / world’s no place / the revenge of…
monster movie / beautiful arctic star / beautiful arctic star/ellipsis (split-ep)
dreamend / ellipsis (pt.2) / beautiful arctic star/ellipsis (split-ep)
friends of dead martinez / lost horizon / random harvest
faun / isis / licht
the zutons / dirty dancehall / who killed…
sigur rós / ba ba ti ki di do / ba ba ti ki di do (cds)
airiel / in your room / melted ep
death in vegas / girls / lost in translation (ost)
godspeed you black emperor! / #2 / slow riot for new zero kanada e.p.
spiritualized / anyway that you want me / anyway that you want me (7″)
sigur rós & hilmar örn hilmarsson / bíum bíum bambaló / englar alheimsins (ost)
vaughan williams / epilogue: alla marcia moderato / sinfonia antartica (symphony no.7)
kilowatthours w/jdv / Jignauseum / thank you (v.a.)
inspiral carpets / joe / cool as
ride / chelsea girl / smile