daydream vom 01. november 2006

vorgestellter longplayer:
your ten mofo: things change while helium listen to everyone (wohnzimmer rec.)


hushpuppies / single / the trap
your ten mofo/ i think we may be alone now / things change while helium listen to everyone
your ten mofo/ in the waiting line / things change while helium listen to everyone
vive la fête / hot shot/ grand prix
the minds / brain that wouldn’t die / v.a.: test tones vol.05
stuporstar / ocean roar / v.a.: test tones vol.05
giant drag / high friends in places / hearts and unicorns
jóhann jóhannsson / the sun’s gona dim and the sky’s turned black / ibm 1401, a user’s manual
the early years / the simple solution / the early years
the early years / musik der frühen jahre / the early years
ramp / major major major / v.a.: test tones vol.05
ride / polar bear / nowhere
the stone roses / sally cinnamon / the complete stone roses
half string /brief as photographs / tripped up breathing ep
half string / the apathy parade / a fascination with heights
the gun club / sex beat / fire of love
tapes’n tapes / the iliad / the loon
aerial love feed / five miles into the atmosphere / aerial love feed
arco / driving at night / driving at night (7″)
slowdive / primal / just for a day
the voices / take the pain away / the voices