daydream vom 05.10.2003

vorgestellte longplayer:
mew: frengers (sony music)
spiritualized: amazing grace (sanctuary)


the darkness / i believe in a thing called love / permission to land
virginia jetzt! / von guten eltern / wer hat angst vor…
kettcar / jenseits der bikinilinie / du und wieviel von deinen freunden
the darkness / get your hands off my woman / permission to land
melody club / stranded love / music machine
mew / her voice is beyond her years / frengers
mew / comforting sounds / frengers
the chemical brothers / the golden path / the golden path (CDS)
the foxgloves / lives you didn’t lead / lives you didn’t lead (CDS)
kings of leon / wasted lime / youth and young manhood
spiritualized / lord let it rain on me / amazing graze
spiritualized / she kissed me (it felt like a hit) / amazing graze
peaches / i u she / fatherfucker
chicks on speed feat. peaches / we don’t play guitar / we don’t play guitar (CDS)
piano magic / speed the road, rush the lights / speed the road, rush the lights (ep)
franz ferdinand / darts of pleasure / darts of pleasure (CDS)
i am kloot / 3 feet tall / 3 feet tall (CDS)
the strokes / 12:51 / room on fire
the silver mt.zion memorial orchestra & tra-la-la band with choir / american motorover smoldered field / this is our punk rock
stellastarr / no weather / stellastarr
moving units / between us & them / between us & them (cds)
longwave / wake me when it’s over / longwave
the bright eyes / one straw (please) / a collection of songs 1995-1997
four tet / as serious as your life / rounds
ride / ox4 / going blank again
peaches / shake your dix / fatherfucker