Daydream #1

Unsere erste Daydream sendung mit Bernadette La hengst mit den Neuen Album: Der Beste Augenblick in deinem Leben. Klick auf mehr für den Rest der Playlist.

Playliste 04.05.2002

Saves The Day / Shoulder To The Wheel / ./.
Yeah Yeah Yeahs / Bang / Bang ep (Clearspot)
The Moldy Peaches / Rainbows / ./.
Trail Of Dead / Another Morning Stoner / Source Tags & Codes (Interscope)
Clinic / 2nd Line / Internal Wrangler (Zomba)
The Cooper Temple Clause / Who needs enemies when you got friends /./.
Attwenger / Kaklakariada / ./.
Benadette La Hengst / Die da oben machen ja doch was wir wollen / Der beste Augenblick in deinem Leben (Trikont)
Benadette La Hengst / Wilder Mann / Der beste Augenblick in deinem Leben (Trikont)
The Music / The People / People ep (Hut)
McLusky / To Hell With Good intensions / ./.
The New Pornographers / To Wild Homes / Mass Romantic (Matador)
Le Fly Pan Am / La vie se doit d’etre vecue ou commencons a vivre / Ceux Qui Inventent N’ont Jamais Vecu (Constellation)
The Moonies / Legi Bro Happy Fea / ./.
Electrelane / I want to be the president / I Want To Be The President ep (Let’s Rock)
Mother Tongue / Trouble Came / Streetlight (Vielklang)
The Strokes vs. Christina Aguilara / A Stroke Of Genius / ./.
The Charlatans / You’re so pretty we’re so pretty /./.
Multicoloured Shades / Teen Sex Transfusion / Sundome City Exit (Virgin)
The Deep Freeze Mice / The Disappearance of the Guardian Dog / ./.
The Charlatans / Weirdo / Between 10th and 11th (Situation Two)
The Music / The Walls Get Smaller / Take the long road and walk it ep (Hut)
The Stone Roses / Sally Cinnamon / Sally Cinnamon
Ride / Polar Bear / Nowhere (Sire)
The Libertines / Walking Away / ./. The House of Love / Shine on / Same (Fontana)
Biffy Clyro / Justboy / ./.