daydream vom 06. september 2006

vorgestellte longplayer:
various: ac30 – never lose that feeling vol.1 (ac 30)
the voices: the voices (my kung fu)


the spinto band / did i tell you / did i tell you (7″)
trouble everyday / when the sun hits / v.a.: never lose that feeling
milk kan / bling bling baby / bling bling baby (7″)
hinterland / for love / v.a.: never lose that feeling
televise / mercy seat / v.a.: never lose that feeling
monster movie / return to yesterday / all lost
monster movie / driving through the red lights / all lost
she wants revenge /red flags and long nights / she wants revenge
radio dept. / the worst taste in music / the worst taste in music ep
the voices / goodbye / the voices
the voices / as long as i die before you, i’ll survive / the voices
razorlight / who needs love / razorlight
joose keskitalo / koti-ikävä / kaupungit puristuvat puristimissa
the jesus & mary chain / happy when it rains / darklands
brincando de deus / why don’t you kill yourself on your birthday / you better love (me)
cul de sac / the portland cement factory at monolith, california / portland cement (7″)
verve / virtual world / a storm in heaven
grant james / see you in the next one / -> myspace
peaches / the boys wanna be her / impeach my bush
velvet condom / kalter lippenstift / myspace
men without hats / security / safety dace (7″)
ride / deacy / nowhere
kante /ich hab’s gesehen / die tiere sind unruhig